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How to take care of your skin

There are customs to tackle skin complications without damaging your skin. Just recollect the number of instructions of skin care. Sun it clears the skin of acne, heals mild infections, cleanses oily skins, gives a lovely tan revives the whole body. On the other hand, the heat of the sun can wither a dry skin, burn a delicate one, distend the veins and cause burns and sunstroke. Sunbathing must be progressive, beginning with a few minutes on the first couple of days, ten minutes the next few days, fifteen minutes after a week so on, as far as you may comfortably bear its duration and you have a better idea how to take care of your skin.

Some steps How to take care of your skin

1).Never expose yourself continuously to strong sunrays for more than half an hour.

 2). Ensure that sunrays affect the whole surface of your body, instead of affecting only one side. Playing, walking or swimming in the sunlight is the best way.

 3). Oil your skin generously, unless you have a naturally greasy skin.

4). Wear a cap and shield your eyes with sun glasses.

5) Do not use eau-de-cologne, perfume or deodorants as the often contain ingredients which can cause brown marks and irritation to the skin.

6). Do not wear heavy make-up. Lipstick changes color and mascara runs.

7). Watch carefully the most exposed parts of the body, lest and sunburn occurs. Put plenty of oil on these parts of the body and cover them at the first sign of reddening.

skin care

Hair Loss Solutions For Women

The hair loss is very common disorder which can be found both in men and in women as well however the problem of hair loss of women is completely different from men in all aspects. First of all men are bound to be losing hears due to inherited baldness sometimes whereas in women case this is not the scenario. The cause of hair loss in women could be many some of them could be poor diet, highly elevated physical and emotional stress, many types of illness also cause hair loss in women, hormonal imbalance sometimes genetic reason and malnutrition also could be the reason of hair loss among women. Many women keep suffering the hair loss in silence and by just keep changing their hairstyles they try to hide the problem instead going towards the right solutions and precautions. With knowing hair loss solutions for women lot of ladies could do something serious about their hair loss problem instead of just bearing it silently. There are simple and sound hair loss solutions for women available now a days online which we can adopt beside we can consult a doctor too about having some healthy tips and hair loss solutions for women. Here are the few common and easy hair loss solutions for women which we are going to mention here which will off course help the ladies to do something about their hairs.

Stress Management

There is a saying that stress is a silent killer and we should avoid stress in and try to control the stress and how must do something to avoid stress. Besides having lot of other harmful impact on our health stress become one of the prominent reason of hair loss in women. So through proper stress management we can avoid hair loss caused by stress.


Acupuncture is one of the famous Chinese traditional treatment method which is very helpful in many diseases. When it comes to hair loss in women cause by Alopecia Areata, acupuncture is known to have very significant treatment method of hair loss solutions for women. In this treatment method the needles are inserted into the scalp which may initiate stimulation of hair follicles and in result it promote the regrowth of the hairs.

Changing Hair styles

Staying away from tightly bond styles, like braids, many ponytails or buns because during the hair loss process these styles cause intensifying the process of hair loss. Among all hair loss solutions for women changing the hairstyle and general habits of treating your hairs gently are the very common practices adopt by ladies all over the world.

Eat Healthy

Paying attention to what you are eating on daily basis is very important. Unhealthy and unhygienic diet gradually becomes one of the prominent reason of hair loss in women. This is very important hair loss solutions for women because through having regular intake of required vitamins and minerals through healthy diet we can avoid hair loss. We should add iron and zinc in our diet and we should also consult the doctor if we are unaware of such diet plan.

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Healthy Skin Tips For Face

Now a days it has become very essential for everyone to adopt some practices on daily basis which may help us keep our skin of the face glowing. Too many of cosmetic products are available in the market with everyone claiming to be the perfect solution of your entire healthy skin tips for face either they are selling face wash or sun block whatever is the product they are selling each manufacturer is claiming and giving fake guarantees most of the time ensuring the buyers that their product is best for their perfect skin care of the face. But the idea of keeping the skin of the face naturally glowing and healthy is better than anything else because we can do few things on daily basis and with the help of which we can preserve the natural beauty of our skin of the face. There are plenty of healthy skin tips for face available now a days and in case of any issue a qualified doctor can also be consulted to have professional’s advice upon daily healthy skin tips for face. Here we will also discuss few things which we can do to prevent lot of damage to the skin of our face and these healthy skin tips for face would help us keep our face glowing for longer period of time.

Take off your make up before you sleep

Among all other healthy skin tips for face this one is very important because this is the most common mistake which ladies do without having an idea that what damage it could cause to the skin of the face. Like our self our skin also need to breath fresh air which is very essential for the health of the skin and if we keep sleeping with make up on it may cause black spots on our skin and deficiency of oxygen causes aging effect on the skin of the face. So it is very important to take off your make up before you sleep for the perfect health of the skin of your face.

Sleep Sufficient

At least six to eight hours sleep is essential for the healthy skin of the face so we should take care of our sleeping hours.

Ensure Drinking Clean Water

The quality of water we are drinking matter a lot when it comes to the healthy and glowing skin of the face. It is very important for us to ensure the pureness and cleanness of the water we are drinking on regular basis to keep our face glowing.

Sun Protection

This is very important healthy skin tips for face because the excessive exposure of the sun caused too much damage on the skin of the face which is not covered and remain in direct contact with the sun unless you are in shade or having sun screen put on. Through using good quality sun protection we must avoid damage caused and preserve our skin by making it our routine that we use shade to avoid sun exposure and ensure as much protection as much we can.

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Best Lotion For Sun Damaged Skin

Vitamin C Serum and cream are the most exciting skin care breaking through to occur in decades. Why? Because these products really work, and not only that, they are wonderful tor the health of your skin. Because this is the best lotion for sun damaged skin

I recommend that you use a ‘high-potency vitamin C serum or cream every morning. Women should apply it under­neath their makeup and sunscreen. Men can use it before or after they shave depending on their preference. A daily step-by-step skincare regimen

· The vitamin- C products that I recommend will make a real difference-not only in the- appearance but in the health and quality of your skin. Vitamin C serum and cream will also fortify- and protect-your skin against further UV damage from the sun.       ·               ·

Why does vitamin C serum and cream work better than simply taking oral vitamin C supplements? Vitamin C supple­ments and the vitamin C we obtain from food help maintain collagen to some degree, but only a small amount of the vita­min C we take orally gets into the skin. Delivering vitamin C directly to the skin is an elegant and efficient way to get this best lotion for sun damaged skin essential in where it is needed. Once absorbed by the skin, vitamin C appears to stimulate the formation of new collagen, which is one of the ways it improves the appearance of skin. New collagen helps restore skin tone, plump up wrin­kles: and fill m small lines, giving skin a more youthful look. Topically useful vitamin C recovers blood supply to the skin, giving the skin a more youthful glow.

Vitamin C can minimize fine lines and reduce light wrin­kles m the troublesome and noticeable areas around the mouth and eyes. Deeper furrows and wrinkles will not disappear but should show improvement. Vitamin C will also help improve skin color and tone, resulting in a tauter, less flabby look.      ·               ·               · · ·          ‘

Finally, and most important, vitamin C has been shown to protect skin from damage inflicted by UV light and to reduce some of the inflammation caused by UV exposure. in fact, studies have shown that topically applied vitamin C can prevent one of the most dangerous effects of UV exposure: the suppression of the immune system. This means that vitamin C not only has a cosmetic effect but offers serious protection against further best lotion for sun damaged skin

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Best skin care regimen day and night

The Age Loss Program’s skin care regimen is designed to accommodate the needs of busy people and should not take more than a few minutes a day to implement. I do recommend, however, that you begin the skin care regimen on a weekend or on a morning when you don’t have to rush out of e house. In this way you can familiarize yourself with the basic routine of best skin care regimen day and night

The night before you begin the skin care regimen, you should prepare your skin by giving yourself a ten-minute al face sauna. This is not only a wonderful way to soften deep-clean your skin, but most people find it a highly and deep clean and enjoyable experience.

For your face sauna you will need a prepackaged mixture dried herbs from your local herb shop (Body Shop or Aveda) health food store. If you have time, you can create your own herbal mixture. My favorite mix is two tablespoons of lavender and one tablespoon each of orange blossoms, pepper-mint, chamomile, and fennel seeds.


Boil one quart of water. Mix in the herbs. Turn off the heat and cover the pot for two minutes. Remove the pot from the heat and put it on a table. Sit or stand about one foot away. Make a tent like cover out of a towel and cover your head as lean over the hot pot. Close your eyes and take a few deep, relaxing breaths. You may want to listen to soothing music Steam your face. Wait ten minutes. Splash cool water your skin will be Ultra-clean and radiate with good health, and tomorrow morning­, you will be ready to begin your skin care program which is the best skin care regimen day and night.

Your Morning skin care Regimen

1. Always start with a clean face and neck. Before you apply any skin product to your face or neck, make sure that your face is absolutely clean. Splash warm (not hot) water on your face and neck. Put a small amount of a mild, no soap cleanser in your hand and rub it into your face and neck. Be sure to use as mild a cleanser as possible. Particularly gentle are soaps and cleansers that contain chamomile extract, such as CamoCare Chamomile Cleansing Therapy and Basis for sensitive skin.) Rinse by splashing warm water on face at least ten times. Lightly pat dry with a soft towel. Don’t tug or pull at your face for the best skin care regimen day and night

2. Apply vitamin C serum or cream. Gently rub a small amount of vitamin C cream or serum on your face and on back sides and front of your neck. Vitamin C should always be the first cream to touch the skin so it can be absorbed immediately. If you want to use a vitamin C product under your eyes, be sure to use only weaker strength products signed for use in this sensitive area. Use just enough to the skin with a thin layer. Do not assume that if a little vitamin C is good, a lot is even better. A little vitamin C

a long way, and too much can be irritating. Whatever your skin type, vitamin C cream may sting slightly after you apply it,’ but any discomfort should disappear within a few seconds .

Your Evening Skin care regimen

  1. Always Start out with a clean face and neck. If you costume makeup be sure to take away all traces of it. If you use waterproof eye makeup, you will need a gentle eye remover. Wash your face as you did in the morning.

2. Apply alpha hydroxy acid (AHA) cream or lotion. Always apply your AHA product to clean skin and wait half an hour before putting on your retinol cream and moisturizer. This will give the AHA time to penetrate your skin avoid diluting it.

If you have dry skin, use an AHA cream. If AHA makes your skin too dry, or if you find it irritating, use a low percentage AHA cream only every other day or even every second third day for best skin care regimen day and night

Do not apply an AHA lotion or cream close to your eyes or on your eyelids because it can cause irritation and discomfort fort. If you have puffy or lined areas under your eyes, use only an AHA cream designed for that sensitive area.

3. Apply your retinol cream. Put a small dab of retinol cream in your hand and rub it gently on your face and neck do not apply retinol near your eyes. Let the retinol cream absorb into your skin for about ten minutes before applying moisturizer. People with sensitive skin may experience tingling or redness. If you find that retinol cream irritates your skin, try using it every other day instead of every day on nights when you’re not using AHA.

4. Reapply your moisturizer Spray cool water on your face. Pat dry but leave the skin slightly moist. Gently mass moisture cream into your skin best skin care regimen day and night