Weight Loss

5 important foods to lose weight

There is no wonder that with the help of using right food we can also lose weight. There are certain food which are naturally gifted with the ingredient that help us reducing weight. These food are often prescribed by nutritionist when someone is consulting them for diet plan because they know the large range of food which help in losing weight. Through regular diet losing weight is the most natural and easiest way of losing weight. People prefer to use this way of losing weight because it does not involve any other effort beside extra precaution while eating a selected food to lose weight. There is a wide range of food which help us reducing weight we are going to mention few which are found most beneficial in losing weight. With the help of use these food one can achieve the goal of weight loss with simply using a food which has some ingredients which cause losing extra fat in the human body. Whereas some food are appetite suppressant because when we take this food the ingredients in it help our body reducing our appetite due to which we eat less obviously which result in weight loss. Here we will mention 5 important food to lose weight only by adding these food in your menu.


There are some fruits which are very effective in losing weight because they contain pectin like apple. With the help of adding these sort of fruits in our regular diet we can loss lot of weight and get our self in shape back. To turn yourself from heavy weight to slim trim admirable figure the healthy and selective diet helps a lot. With intake of fruits like apple people can also lose weight by eating healthy diet.


No matter how hard you are working on to lose your weight no effort will turn out to be effective unless vegetables are added in your regular menu. Even if you are eating meat you can add vegetables as salad in your food this will also help in losing weight.

Green Tea

Green tea is another great addition in your food which helps reducing lot of weight without any extra efforts.


According to the research eggs are another important food which can be added in your menu to loss weight. No matter you eat both of yolks and whites it will help you lose weight. Actually egg is a high protein diet and like any other high protein diet it will help getting rid of extra fat in the body it will also prevent adding more fats in your body.


Apple is normal considered as wonder drug because it contain lot of ingredients which help human body to function more smoothly that is why there is a saying that an apple a day keeps a doctor away. According to the latest research of university of Pennsylvania among all the food currently being used before meals apple is the most effective food which should be intake before meals to reduce weight.

These are the 5 important food to loss weight which can be added in your menu to lose weight.