Computer workspace

8 Tips For Improving Your Computer Workspace

1. Center your monitor and keyboard in front of you with the top of the monitor at or below eye level. Be sure your monitor viewing distance is at about an arm’s length away to prevent eye strain.

2. Rest your feet flat on the floor and position your knees at or below hip height. Use a footrest if your feet don’t comfortably reach the floor or lower the keyboard and chair.

3 Adjust the height of your chair so your elbows are at about keyboard level with your wrists positioned straight and in-line with your forearms. Use a wrist rest if needed to ensure minimal bend at the wrists.

4. Place the mouse next to the keyboard to keep your arms and elbows close to your body as you work.  Use a mouse pad to protect your hands and forearms from pressing against the hard surface of the desk.

5. Adjust the incline of your chair to provide good support for your lower back. Use a small pillow or lumbar support cushion if needed.

6. Reduce screen glare. Tilt or reposition the monitor as needed, and clean the screen regularly. Set the screen contrast and brightness for comfortable viewing.

 7. Take frequent short breaks, 10 minute per hour of sitting. Breaks can include stretching, walking around, or standing/ walking while talking to others.

8. be mindful to connect your sitting posture often