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Best Lotion For Sun Damaged Skin

Vitamin C Serum and cream are the most exciting skin care breaking through to occur in decades. Why? Because these products really work, and not only that, they are wonderful tor the health of your skin. Because this is the best lotion for sun damaged skin

I recommend that you use a ‘high-potency vitamin C serum or cream every morning. Women should apply it under­neath their makeup and sunscreen. Men can use it before or after they shave depending on their preference. A daily step-by-step skincare regimen

· The vitamin- C products that I recommend will make a real difference-not only in the- appearance but in the health and quality of your skin. Vitamin C serum and cream will also fortify- and protect-your skin against further UV damage from the sun.       ·               ·

Why does vitamin C serum and cream work better than simply taking oral vitamin C supplements? Vitamin C supple­ments and the vitamin C we obtain from food help maintain collagen to some degree, but only a small amount of the vita­min C we take orally gets into the skin. Delivering vitamin C directly to the skin is an elegant and efficient way to get this best lotion for sun damaged skin essential in where it is needed. Once absorbed by the skin, vitamin C appears to stimulate the formation of new collagen, which is one of the ways it improves the appearance of skin. New collagen helps restore skin tone, plump up wrin­kles: and fill m small lines, giving skin a more youthful look. Topically useful vitamin C recovers blood supply to the skin, giving the skin a more youthful glow.

Vitamin C can minimize fine lines and reduce light wrin­kles m the troublesome and noticeable areas around the mouth and eyes. Deeper furrows and wrinkles will not disappear but should show improvement. Vitamin C will also help improve skin color and tone, resulting in a tauter, less flabby look.      ·               ·               · · ·          ‘

Finally, and most important, vitamin C has been shown to protect skin from damage inflicted by UV light and to reduce some of the inflammation caused by UV exposure. in fact, studies have shown that topically applied vitamin C can prevent one of the most dangerous effects of UV exposure: the suppression of the immune system. This means that vitamin C not only has a cosmetic effect but offers serious protection against further best lotion for sun damaged skin