diabetes symptoms

Diabetes Symptoms And Its Precautions

Types Of Diabetes

More than 14 million Americans have diabetes, a disease characterized by an excess of sugar in the blood and urine. Type I diabetes, also known as juvenile diabetes, occurs pri­marily in children and adolescents, and is caused by damage to insulin-producing cells in the pancreas. People with Type I diabetes must take supplemental insulin throughout their lives to control blood sugar and diabetes symptoms and its precautions.

Type II, or adult-onset diabetes, is the most common type, typically occurring in people over forty. Those with Type II diabetes make enough insulin, but the insulin works less efficiently. Nearly everyone over forty experiences some de­gree of insulin resistance, and at least 25 percent of all adults will develop a condition serious enough to warrant treatment.

How to Control Diabetes

There are numerous prescription medications used to control blood sugar, but the problem is that they all have the potential for adverse ·side effects, including headaches, infection, and even sexual dysfunction. Many diabetics come to the Whitaker Wellness Institute because they are desperate to get off their medication and live a more normal life. Fortunately, when it comes to diabetes, natural remedies are very effective, and the only side effect is a positive one-you feel healthier.

Since 90 percent of all people with Type ll diabetes are obese; shedding the excess pounds· is one of the best ways to prevent the disease and is also one of the most effective treatments. Diabetes symptoms and its precautions will probably have to follow a more restrictive diet than the Age Loss Program’s food plan, which is why it is important to work with a nutritionally oriented physician. The good news is that in most cases Type II diabe­tes can be controlled by diet, exercise, and supplements, and even Type I diabetes can be greatly improved by making these positive changes in lifestyle.         ·      · ·

Most Common Symptoms Of Diabetes

Most people with Type II diabetes may also have a .condi­tion known as Syndrome X, which is characterized by abdom­inal obesity, high blood cholesterol, high blood pressure, and very high h blood triglycerides. In addition to the fish oil cap­sules doctor recommends for high triglycerides, the supplements I recommend for diabetes are also excellent for Syndrome X. People with Syndrome X tend to be very sensi­tive to starchy food, which sends their blood sugar and triglycerides soaring for diabetes symptoms and its precautions. Eliminating all starchy food from their diet (bread, pasta; potatoes, and so forth) can bring their numbers back to normal range.

Here are additional supplements that I recommend for people with diabetes and/or SyndromeX. 

Dose of Diabetes

Insulin is responsible for regulating the metabolism of carbo hydrate and protein by the body, breaking down these nutri­ents into a form that can be readily utilized by the cells for energy production. Vanadyl sulfate is a biologically active form of vanadium, a trace mineral very similar in action to the hormone insulin. .

Vanadyl sulfate can enhance the action of insulin, thereby preventing a buildup of sugar in the blood. I also believe that it may help prevent a mild case of insulin resistance from worsening to diabetes symptoms and its precautions. I have also found it very effective in the treatment of diabetes. Vanadyl sulfate may reduce your need for other diabetic medication, but if you are diabetic, do not take vana­dyl sulfate unless you are under th~ supervision of your doc­tor. For my patients with diabetes, doctor recommends two 45-milligram capsules or tablets of vanadyl sulfate daily. Since vanadyl can cause a sharp decline in blood sugar, it is imper­ative that you be monitored by your doctor to diabetes symptoms and its precautions.


As part of your Age Loss ODAs, you are already taking 50 milligrams of lipoic acid, a remarkable antioxidant that also helps control diabetes symptoms and its precautions. hi Europe, lipoic acid is routinely given to diabetics to prevent serious complications such as peripheral neuropathy or nerve damage. If you have diabetes, I recommend that you increase your dose of lipoic acid. to 300 milligrams daily, so.take two 150-milligram doses daily.

Gymnema Sylvestre

Native to India, this herb has been used , by that country’s Healers for nearly two thousand years. Studies show that gym­nema sylvestre lowers blood sugar and may help repair dam­aged cells in the pancreas. Diabetes symptoms and its precautions reputed to reduce the urge sweets, which will help curb the urge for desert if you are trying to lose weight. Gymnema sylvestre is available in capsules. Diabetes should take two 200 milligram capsules daily to control diabetes symptoms and its precautions