Body Fat

Excessive Body Fat

Excessive body fat is an independent risk factor for CHD, but disease risk may actually be augmented by other risk factors that usually accompany excessive body fat. Risk factors such as high blood lipids, hypertension, and type 2 diabetes typi­cally are seen in conjunction with obesity. All of these risk factors. Usually improve with increased physical activity.

Attaining recommended body composition helps improve several CHD risk factors and helps people reach a better state of health and wellness. While data indicate that a IO percent weight loss results in significant improvements in CHD risk factors, some studies have shown reduction in chronic dis­ease risk factors with only a 2 to 3 percent weight loss.

Excessive Body Fat Causes And Solution

For years, we have known that where people store fat affects risk for disease. People who store body fat in the abdominal area as opposed to in the hips and thighs are at higher risk for disease. Furthermore, when abdominal fat is stored primarily around internal organs (visceral fat-also see “Diet, Exercise, and Visceral Fat”, Excessive body fat disease risk is greater than when abdominal fat is stored subcutaneously or retro peritoneal.

The best approach to prevent increases Excessive body fat in visceral fat is through regular exercise. Men and women who exercise reg­ularly for about 20 minutes per day at a moderate intensity do not gain visceral fat. People who exercise at a vigorous inten­sity for at least 30 daily minutes actually lose visceral fat, while sedentary individuals continue to increase the visceral fat depot. As little as 6 months of physical inactivity have been shown to further increase the visceral fat component and the concomitant disease risk.

Heart Failure

Data on 21,094 men followed for more than 20 years in­dicated that an elevated body mass index (BMI) of greater than 25 was associated. With an increased risk of heart fail­ure. Furthermore, the data showed that as BMI increased in both active and inactive men, so did the risk for heart failure. The increased risk for heart failure improved pro­portionally with increased BMI, Excessive body fat or decreased physical activ­ity.

If you have a weight problem and want to get down to rec­ommended weight, you must do the following: