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Heart Disease Problems And Symptoms

In most cases heart disease can be controlled and even reversed simply by taking the right supplements, eating a sound diet, and following a sensible exercise routine. Every step of my Age Loss Program will have a positive impact on the health of your heart. However, if

you to take the following supplements that we use at the Whitaker Wellness Institute. All of them are sold over the counter in health food stores and pharmacies. Heart disease problems and symptoms.


I regard Co-Q10 as the supplement for a healthy heart. As part of the Age Loss ODAs, you are already taking 60 milligrams of Co-Q10 daily. If you have heart disease, mostly the doctor recommends that you increase the dose to 200 milligrams daily.


L-carnitine is an amino acid found in the heart, brain, and skeletal muscles. The doctors recommend to used L-carnitine to treat heart disease for more than a decade, and the benefits have been well documented in. numerous studies published in the American journal of Cardiology and other medical journals. Studies document that L-camitine can improve stamina and endurance in heart patients, allowing them to exercise without experiencing angina or chest pain. Since regular exercise is one of the best treatments for heart disease problems and symptoms is the primary reason that heart patients don’t exercise-this is a real boon.

 L-carnitine can also reduce cholesterol levels, boost levels of good cholesterol, and lower high blood pressure, all of which will help prevent heart disease in the first place.

If you have heart disease, talk to your physician about including L-camitine in your treatment program of heart disease problems and symptoms. The doctor recommends taking two 500-milligram capsules of L-camitine daily.


Magnesium, an· essential mineral for heart health and one that is often overlooked decreases blood pressure and improves the flow of blood to the  heart. Magnesium will be found in your multivitamin, but doctor recommend that heart patients take an additional supplement of 500 milligrams daily, preferably in the evening. It has a soothing effect on the body and will help you heart disease problems and symptoms. (People with kidney failure should not take magnesium supplements.)


For more than four centuries this “heart-healthy” herb has been used in Europe to relieve angina (chest pain), and irregular heartbeat, and as a tonic to strengthen heart. Studies have shown that hawthorn extract can dilate the blood vessels to the heart, thereby improving the flow of blood and oxygen. Doctors routinely prescribe one 250-milJigrain capsule of hawthorn daily to my heart patients.