How Long Do Vitamins Stay In Your Body

Vitamins, any of quite a lot of gradual ingredients that are compulsory in minor amounts for usual well-being and growing in greater methods of inborn life. Vitamins are separate in numerous ways from other organically important compounds such as protein carbohydrate, and lipids. Even though these final elements also are essential for suitable physical functions, nearly all of them can be combined by animals in acceptable quantities. Vitamins, on the further hand, normally cannot be produced in quantities appropriate to meet bodily needs and therefore must be obtained from the diet or from some synthetic source. For this reason, vitamins are called essential nutrients.

Manage Vitamins

Divide Your Dose High-potency multivitamins are different the traditional one-a-day vitamins with which many of grew up. These new high-tech multivitamins are meant to absorb throughout the day and are usually in two doses. Dose requirements vary from brand to brand, and how long do vitamins stay in your body   so follow the instructions on the label.


It is also best to take your supplements in two doses, one the morning, the other in the afternoon, and always with a meal or a snack to avoid an upset stomach. Your body uses supplements as it needs them, and in most cases it excretes what it doesn’t use within a matter of hours. This is particularly true for antioxidants such as vitamin C. If you take your supplements once a day instead of twice, you are leaving your­ self-unprotected at vulnerable times. You must replenish es­sential supplements throughout the day to achieve the full Benefits how long do vitamins stay in your body   of the Age Loss Program.

Depending on how a particular supplement is sold, it may not always be possible to divide the daily dose precisely in half. Don’t worry about it. If you take 1,500 milligrams of vitamin C in the morning and 1,000 milligrams later in the day, that’s close enough.