Improve health and fitness

How To Improve Health And Fitness

From a health standpoint, increasing strength helps increase or maintains muscle and a higher resting metabolic rate. Encourages weight loss and maintenance that how to improve health and fitness, which prevents obesity; lessens the risk for injury; reduces chronic low back pain; reduces pressure on the joints, alleviating arthritic pain; aids in childbearing; improves bone density, which prevents osteoporosis; improves cholesterol levels, decreases triglyceride levels, and reduces high blood pressure, thus reducing the risk for cardiovascular disease and premature mortality; may help prevent some types of cancer; and promotes psychological well ­being. Furthermore, it decreases the risk of developing physical function limitations and the overall risk of nonfatal disease.

Flexibility In Older Adults

Similar to muscular strength, good range of motion is culture in  older life (see Physical activity and exercise  can be hampered severely by lack of good range of motion and unfortunately, muscle elasticity and bone .strength tend to decline as people age. Because of decreased flexibility, older adults lose mobility and may be unable to perform simple daily tasks such as bending forward Cl’ turning. Many older adults cannot tum their head or rotate their trunk to look over their shoulder; rather, they must step around 90 to 180 degrees to see behind them. Adequate flexibility is also important in driving that how to improve health and fitness . Individuals who lose range of motion with age .are unable to look over their shoulder to switch lanes or to Parallel Park, which increases the risk for automobile accidents.

Because af the pain during activity, older people who have tight hip flmcors (muscles) cannot jog or walk very far. A vicious circle ensues because the condition usually worsens with further Inactivity. Lack of flexibility also affects proper balance, which may be a cause of falls and subsequent injury in older adults. The good news is that a simple stretching program can alleviate or prevent this problem and help people return to an exercise program. how to improve health and fitness  Physical activities that include both flexibility and neuromata exercises that improve balance and agility (e.g., tai chi and yoga are particularly beneficial to reduce the risk of falls and the fear falling in older adults.