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How To Regain Your Memory And Brain Power

As noted earlier, the brain contains a large amount of fatty tissue. One supplement helps replenish a special kind of fat that is important for brain function: phospholipids. Brain ·cell membranes are made of phospholipids: they not only hold the cell together, but control the entrance and exit of substances to the cells. They are also involved in communication among cells, which is a function of vital importance in the brain. How to regain your memory and brain power.

One of the most plentiful phospholipids in brain tissue is known as “PS,” for phosphatidylserine. The role of PS in re­laying chemical messages is well established, more than twenty controlled clinical studies have shown its enhancing effects on cell metabolism, neuronal membranes, and neuro­transmitters to How to regain your memory and brain power. PS supplements also improve memory. If you are particularly troubled by memory loss, I recommend that you try taking supplemental PS.

How To Regain Your Memory And Brain Power Age Wise

One recent study reported in the journal Neurology, the bible of brain researchers, involved a group of 149 healthy men and women, from fifty to seventy years of age, who were diagnosed with normal age-associated memory impairment. Participants were given 100 milligrams of PS daily or a placebo for twelve weeks. Those taking the PS noted significant improvements in their ability to recall telephone numbers. Names and faces, memorize paragraphs, find misplaced objects, and concentrate while performing tasks. Those who took the placebo showed virtually no change. According to Dr. Thomas H. Crook ID, who headed the study, PS supplements brought patients back an average of twelve years in terms of mental function! What this means is that people who took PS performed as well on mental function tests as those twelve years their junior. How to regain your memory and brain power Perhaps most important, the indi­viduals in the study who had the greatest memory deficits · at the start of the study also showed the most significant improvements.

If you feel that you need an extra brain boost, I recommend that you try PS. Begin with 200 to 300 milligrams a and then cut down to 100 milligrams daily after eight weeks. PS can be added safely to your supplement plan and taken indefinitely if necessary.