heart disease

Symptoms Of Heart Attack Or Stroke

Physicians are encouraged to treat obesity as a disease and actively work with obese patients to lose weight. Telling patients that they need to lose weight is not enough. Physicians should prescribe diets that decrease caloric intake by at least 500 calories per day and prescribe a minimum .of 2.5 hours of physical activity per week. People need to learn to balance caloric intake and physical activity to achieve and maintain a healthy body weight All Americans should calculate their BMI at least once a year an keep their BMI under 25. Weight loss surgery may be recommended for extremely obese individuals whose health may be at risk.

A risk assessment that calculates the potential 10-year symptoms of heart attack risk for heart attack and stroke is available online. The risk calculator helps health ca practitioners evaluate people between the ages of 40 and 79. A prediction equation was developed from community-based populations and includes race, gender, age, total cholesterol, HDL cho­lesterol, blood pressure, blood pressure medication use, diabetes status, and smoking status.

Avoid Products To Control Blood Pressure

People need to aim for normal blood pressure and blood glucose levels and avoid use and exposure tobacco products. If the 10-year risk is 7 .5 or higher, the person encouraged to take a statin. More than 30 million Americans ar believed to exceed this rating, including many who have never any symptoms of heart attack. The 7.5 number does not provide an automatic prescription, but rather is a start to the process, not an end.

According to the AHA, “the goal is not to get more people on statins,” but to make sure the drugs are used by the people who can benefit from them. Some health care experts welcome these recommendations, while others vigorously oppose them because they deemphasize target numbers for the various cholesterol subcategories. Many physicians now use a combination of the Regardless of the effectiveness of statins; medications by themselves cannot replace a healthy lifestyle. A multifaceted healthy lifestyle approach has been proven in research studies to be most in managing symptoms of heart attack or stroke risk. Before you sider taking a statin drug, discuss with your physician steps that you can implement to reduce the risk through a healthier lifestyle