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How to take care of your skin

There are customs to tackle skin complications without damaging your skin. Just recollect the number of instructions of skin care. Sun it clears the skin of acne, heals mild infections, cleanses oily skins, gives a lovely tan revives the whole body. On the other hand, the heat of the sun can wither a dry skin, burn a delicate one, distend the veins and cause burns and sunstroke. Sunbathing must be progressive, beginning with a few minutes on the first couple of days, ten minutes the next few days, fifteen minutes after a week so on, as far as you may comfortably bear its duration and you have a better idea how to take care of your skin.

Some steps How to take care of your skin

1).Never expose yourself continuously to strong sunrays for more than half an hour.

 2). Ensure that sunrays affect the whole surface of your body, instead of affecting only one side. Playing, walking or swimming in the sunlight is the best way.

 3). Oil your skin generously, unless you have a naturally greasy skin.

4). Wear a cap and shield your eyes with sun glasses.

5) Do not use eau-de-cologne, perfume or deodorants as the often contain ingredients which can cause brown marks and irritation to the skin.

6). Do not wear heavy make-up. Lipstick changes color and mascara runs.

7). Watch carefully the most exposed parts of the body, lest and sunburn occurs. Put plenty of oil on these parts of the body and cover them at the first sign of reddening.