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Yoga Exercises And Its Benefits

Yoga exercises are particularly beneficial to enhance flexibility and may also help relieve chronic back pain better than conventional medicine. A review of seven studies analyzing the impact of yoga on low back pain and function showed that, overall, yoga was found to significantly reduce pain and increase function in patients suffering from chronic low back pain. Lyengar yoga in particular has been shown to relieve chronic low back pain. Following 24 weeks of biweekly classes, yoga exercises participants had greater improvement in functional disability along with a decrease in pain intensity and low back-pain-related depression. These benefits were still present six months after the end of Yoga exercises   class participation.

Best Yoga Exercise

Yoga exercises   are excellent stress-coping technique. It is a school of thought in the Hindu religion that seeks to help the individual attain a higher level of spirituality and peace of mind. Although its philosophical roots can be considered spiritual yoga Is based on principles of self-care. ‘

Practitioners of yoga adhere to a specific code of ethics and a system of mental and physical yoga exercises that promote control of the mind and the body. This system of exercises (postures or asana) can be used as a relax­ation technique for stress management. The yoga exercises include a combination of postures, diaphragmatic breathing, muscle relaxation, and meditation that help buffer the biological ef­fects of stress. Although people are unable to avoid all life stressors, they can definitely change emotional response through performing yoga postures, observing and controlling their breathing pattern, and reflecting on the moment, all of which are actions that help calm the mind and the body.